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Nowadays, twenty thousand of different medical devices and systems are being used in hospitals. In the last 20 years, the numbers of biomedical devices and systems used have increased seven times in our country. The need for employees who will be able to design and improve biomedical systems with the necessary technological and scientific knowledge is increasing every day.

The aim of the Biomedical Device Technology Program is to train people could understand diagnosis in the medical field, be trained in the installation of the tools and the devices used to treat patients, technical management, maintenance and restoration fields.

Students can be employed in Biomedical Device Technology fields where they produce merchandise and provide services. Students can also be directed/referenced to collaborate with surrounding universities, civil associations, management departments dealing with electronic and automatic departments, professional associations and members of profession as these are the requirements for getting involved in their student activities, employment opportunities and planning.

Biomedical equipment technicians who want to be, to be successful in the field of Science and Technology, tools and machines to have an interest, but also can use the hands and fingers skillfully, can detect the mechanical properties and shape relationships, vision, and hearing organs intact, I like to help people, they are people who have a strong sense of responsibility expected. Those who have completed the program in biomedical device technology “Biomedical Equipment Technician” is the title. Biomedical equipment technicians, instruments and appliances used in medical and biological sciences, schemes will be properly installed, continuous maintenance, which makes the location of the fault when it detects and repairs. Biomedical equipment technicians, public and private hospitals, laboratories, dispensaries, medical device, the factories and workshops, or medical equipment repair and maintenance services perform their duties. Therefore vary according to place of work environments. In business continuously doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are in contact with.

Graduates also have the opportunity to transfer by taking DGS (direct transfer exam) to this program if there is a contingent...

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