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Autopsy Assistantship - About

What is Autopsy Assistantship Program?

Program graduates will graduate as "Autopsy Technician". Autopsy technicians serve on matters such as autopsy, writing forensic reports, post-mortem samples. They help forensic experts.

Our students have the opportunity to practice practically in the many state hospitals we are both theoretically and in agreement with above practices. Thus they will be professionally equipped in their graduation. At the same time, it is very important for the vision of our university that our students should graduate with the highest awareness and equipment in terms of ethical values.

Departmental Graduates can find jobs as Forensic Medicine Graduate Schools, Forensic Medicine Institution and related Group Presidencies, Branch Offices, and forensic autopsy assistants in Branches of Forensic Medicine. On the other hand, the number of autopsy technician departments in Turkey is rather small.

Autopsy technicians can graduate from the four year Nursing, Nursing and Health Services, Health Officer departments if they are successful in the DGS exam.


After graduation, we will work together with the Forensic Medicine Expert directly in Forensic Medicine Institutions and the autopsied units of the hospitals, and to train the assistant personnel who will be able to do the autopsy techniques and the procedures to be done on the corpses and tissues after the autopsy in the best way. Therefore, it is aimed to theoretically and practically make this field competent by giving lessons such as anatomy, physiology, histology, biochemistry, general pathology which will gain a general medical education knowledge which will be the basis of this subject in the curriculum, . The training objectives of the program include the training of technicians who are knowledgeable about quality control and safety in autopsy units, who have knowledge / skills to know all the procedures before, during and after the autopsy, to perform the necessary procedures.


Those who have completed the program are awarded the Associate Degree diploma and the Forensic Medical Technician title.


Helping forensic specialists by writing forensic case reports, autopsies, taking postmortem specimens, appropriately closing the body after autopsy, sending samples, and / or working in the forensic pathology laboratory


They work in a closed environment. There are risks such as ionizing radiation, evaporation of chemicals and danger of infection. While working, they are under the duties and responsibilities of Forensic Experts.


The duration of your training is 2 years. During the training, Courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Basic Biochemistry, Pathology, Forensic Medicine, Autopsy, Pathology Laboratory Techniques, Hospital Oyomasyonu, Medical Documentation etc. related to the structure and functioning of human body as well as general culture courses such as Turkish Language, Foreign Language, Atatürk Principles and Revolution History, Or in practice.


Graduates of this program can work in public and private sector hospitals as health personnel. It is possible for graduates to find work immediately since there is a great need in this field-grown elite country. Graduates of this program will graduate with the title of Forensic Medical Technician by completing all the professional practices and internships in the program. After graduation, our students will be able to find places for Forensic Medicine Officers, Forensic Medicine Graduate Schools, Forensic Medicine Institution and related Group Presidencies, Branch Offices and forensic autopsy assistants.

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