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Audiometry - About

What is Audiometry Program?

In the diagnosis of patients with hearing loss and balance disorders and who can use scientific methods, hearing and balance tests apply, foreign language (English), with knowledge that can follow the latest developments on the various facilities making use of continuous self-improvement, verbal communication skills, competence in new technological developments have the ability to practice, to train qualified personnel.

Audiometry program of professional courses to students, Physics, Audio Physics, Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology Anatomy-Physiology of Hearing and Speech Hearing and Measurement I-II, Public Health Information Vestibular System Structure and Function Cell Genetics of Hearing Loss Hearing Clinic Education and Practice I-II , vestibular System and Tests, Children’s Audiological Testing Methods, New Born Hearing Screening, Objective Hearing Tests elective courses such as pool next to the university courses in social and professional self-development opportunities seçebilerek university has offered students.

ENT hospitals with hearing aids and cochlear implant services firms in the diagnosis of patients with hearing and balance disorders are thought to be necessary, subjective and objective tests of hearing and balance the implementation and adaptation of hearing aids and cochlear implants on issues such as work patterns is among the objectives of education for our students.

Hearing loss and balance disorders, congenital hereditary nature than the ones emerging. Odyometrist education of children with disabilities in education is important at this point. Acquired in nature than those presents itself with advancing age. This is the reason the average life expectancy of hearing loss and balance disorders in general, increasingly longer and Provide for the early diagnosis and intervention will be necessary to employ more than odyometristlerin process.

Private and public health sectors in the field of hearing and balance disorders odyometrist with the necessary knowledge and skills test conducted this training to train our students the professional knowledge and skills as well as effective verbal communication, working in team, aims to acquire the ability to solve problems and be able to realize. Thus, a more integrated health care system is increasingly odyometristler. For this reason, communicative disorders characterized by odyometristlerin medical terminology needs to know the nature of all diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of patients with hearing loss and balance disorders Odyometristler necessary communicative, psychological testing techniques and the theoretical approach, and then learn practical lessons.

Audiology graduates of the program under the supervision of an expert or specialist ear, nose and throat disorders, audiology clinics work in public or private hospitals. Obstetric clinics, schools, new born babies, hearing test and hearing screening test may apply.

Learning activities required by the program, employment opportunities, and planning, Ministry of Health, Health Departments, public and private health organizations (Training and Research Hospitals, maternity, medical centers, etc.), hearing aid sales centers, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and trade associations continues to cooperate.

Graduates are also ‘Vocational Schools and Open Education Graduates of undergraduate education on the continuation of the Regulation’ quota opened in the fields when taking advantage of the provisions of the vertical transfer exam (DGS) and gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs. Students who graduate from our program “Physics and Deaf Education” section of undergraduate education by making vertical transmission can.

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