Anesthesia - About

Anesthesia technicians assist the competent anesthetist anesthesia practice in the health sector and take part in the preparation and implementation of the patient during the patient in the operating room is so near. Graduates of anesthesia know  the patient, disease, drugs used in anesthesia. A team of allied health personnel in anesthesia graduates. Training program, aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed in this direction.

All those who graduate from anesthesia program can work private and public hospitals, the operating room anesthesia, the recovery room, intensive care unit, respiratory therapy unit, resuscitation, emergency services, pain treatment and research departments.

Anesthesia program, firstly according to the Secondary School Achievement Score by the Student Selection and Placement Center (SSPC) , the Vocational and Technical Education is placed in the Health Professions High Schools students who prefer to pass without examination. Anesthesia Technician Vocational Secondary Schools and departments of health can be made to pass without examination.

The technician trainees the opportunity to choose to be a researcher is to vertical transmission. Graduates are also ‘Vocational Schools and Open Education Graduates of undergraduate education on the continuation of the Regulation’ quota opened in the fields when taking advantage of the provisions of the vertical transfer exam (DGS) and gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs...

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