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Dear students; 

within the framework of the Fi-jital educational planning of the Fall semester of the academic year, which will be opened on 18.10.2021, our students will be accepted to face-to-face classes in alternating groups. Accordingly, the weekly planning process of the students who will attend the face-to-face classes will be carried out according to the following explanations.

(Digital education is the simultaneous participation of students who cannot participate in face–to-face education with face-to-face classes with different groups and online courses from outside the University at the same time.)

1. For the freshmen students;

Group planning of our first-year students, on which dates they will come to face-to-face classes alternately, will be announced on the Department web pages on 13.10.2021. 

2. For the students in the upper class: 

Course records of upper-class students and approvals of advisors will continue the week the University opens, so the upper classes ( 2. 3. and 4. Classes) The courses will be held online until the announcement of the alternating course groups is made

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