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Pursuant to the 32nd article of Üsküdar University Associate and Undergraduate Education-Teaching and Examination Regulations, students who have only one course left to graduate from our Faculty, to receive the Single Course Exam application petitions between 06-07-08 July 2021, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Epidemic, single course exams will be held online through the LMS Program on Monday and Tuesday, July 12-13, 2021, and it was unanimously decided that the announcement should be made on the website and notified to the Registrar's Office for the necessity of the decision.

The single course exam petition is below. A single course exam petition should be sent to Ayşe Seda Peridar's e-mail address.

Single course exam petitions will not be returned. For the results, it is necessary to contact the lecturer of the relevant course.

FENS Course Exam Request Petition.docx

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