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Faculty of Dentistry - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Vision & Mission


Dentistry participated also in the global journey of Uskudar University. The Faculty of Dentistry set out to live the age and to build the future with the support of the global accumulation of the Uskudar University. Dentistry, which will start education in the 2021-2022 academic year, will add new dimensions to dentistry with its original training program.


Basic medical education at Uskudar University Faculty of Dentistry will be presented with a content identical to the education of the Faculty of Medicine.

Aesthetics, intuition and motor ability, which is one of the most important stakeholders of dentistry, will be given independently by fine arts academicians within the discipline of basic arts course.

In the Faculty of Dentistry training program, information and robotic systems education such as medical and fine arts education will be given in a holistic, comprehensive and independent course discipline.

In light of global trends, the Faculty of Dentistry will be all around the science and art of dentistry, will implement projects that will produce information, patents, useful models and will be a reference faculty in the subjects in which it is concentrated.

In the Faculty of Dentistry, everything will be lived in a climate, based on being human and being happy.

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