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Faculty of Dentistry - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Quality Assurance System

1. Our Quality Policy

The quality policy of the Faculty of Dentistry is based on the YÖK Quality Assurance System and the Üsküdar University 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. Accordingly, Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry Quality Policy consists of the following basic principles:

Adoption of an education and training approach based on the principles of YÖK Quality Assurance and Turkish Competence Framework, National Core Education of Dentistry Education (DUÇEP). Creating syllabuses and syllabuses within the framework of this understanding.

Consisting of academicians trained in the field of education and teaching staff. Persons to be appointed to the academic staff must be compatible with the program they will be appointed in terms of both their scientific publication performance and the education they receive.

Teaching the lessons with a rich bibliography, including at least five different sources in each lesson. Supporting the student to be equipped with extensive literature knowledge.

An education and training approach that will provide basic science and basic field formation.

An education approach that will include courses that will create a general cultural accumulation in the student. University Culture course is given for this purpose.

An understanding of quality of education aimed at raising critical, questioning, innovative and creative individuals.

Concrete determination and fair application of measurement and evaluation criteria in education.

An understanding of education that is compatible with the realities of society and the world. Elective courses including current topics are given for this purpose.

An education and training policy aimed at finding a response in the professional field. Therefore, cooperation with industry professionals is considered important.

Adopting an interdisciplinary understanding. For this reason, it is important for students to take courses in the university elective category from different departments of the university.

Raising individuals who are sensitive to the problems of the country and the world, inclined to work for the benefit of humanity, as well as professional equipment. For this reason, it is important to direct the student to social responsibility projects.

An education and training policy suitable for the training of people who embrace moral values in both their professional and non-professional life and adhere to ethical principles.

An education approach suitable for cooperation with world universities. Erasmus and internship opportunities abroad are important in this sense.  

2. Our Values

As Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry, we have established our education policy in the light of the following values:

An comprehension based on the values determined throughout Üsküdar University.

Reinforcing respect for general human values,

To reinforce the love of country and homeland,

Caring about objectivity in science,

To not compromising the principle of justice and equality,

Race, gender, ethnicity, language, religion, etc. Treating all people equally without discrimination,

To not compromising democratic understanding, based on distribution of authority and participation in administration,

Student-oriented, adopting student satisfaction as a basic principle,

An understanding that respects employee rights and protects all personal rights,

An understanding that provides an environment for the working personnel (academic and administrative) to work in peace and security and is based on the understanding of people first.

3. Our Basic Strategy

Objectives of improving the quality of education

UDHF (Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry) ranks 18th among 32 Foundation Universities. Our goal is to move UDHF to the top 5 in three years. The original and pioneering role of the Faculty will provide the driving force that will carry our Faculty among the top 5 from the 18th Ordinary. The following objectives have been determined in order to maintain the originality and transform it into a leading role in the establishment and first semester education of UDHF:

In order to maintain the originality of the education program, an action plan will be created and maintained for the Faculty Secretariat in line with the quality objectives in order to obtain the periodic education outputs and to ensure the sustainability of the program and the program by these outputs.

As in the Basic Art Education, periodic survey studies will be conducted to obtain the outputs of the Basic Medicine education carried out with the Faculty of Medicine. An action plan will be developed that will feed the program and ensure its continuous improvement.

One of the dimensions that feed the originality of the UDHF education program is that it is fed by human disciplines. An action plan will be developed that will make more effective use of the humanities knowledge of our university. In this context, channels will be created to accelerate the flow of information by making more use of the relevant institutions in order to ensure that the content of the program is fed continuously.

Research and Development and Project Objectives In order to determine the targets that will form the academic identity of UDHF, an R&D study will be carried out that will bring together funds, subjects, and the opportunities of our university on a global scale.

Identifying and communicating with international partners related to the subjects that will focus in line with our academic identity Creating the project follow-up and intermediate inputs related to the Preclinical Education Model that was started before Collecting written and visual documents for the content of the Dentistry art education book, scanning peer textbooks An action plan will be implemented that will ensure the continuity of the nutrition of our education model by evaluating the outputs compiled and implementing the solution proposals for the activation of preclinical education.

Goals of our faculty

Our reasoned request will be shared with the senior management regarding the creation of conditions that will promptly start the relevant doctoral program, starting from major branches (prosthetics, surgery, orthodontics).

It will be created by dentists, plastic surgeons, medical designers, imaging specialists, medical 3D software developers, Prof. Dr. Under the chairmanship of Banu KARAYAZGAN, the establishment of the Üsküdar University-based Chin, Face, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Association will begin.

The senior management will be informed about the structuring works that will ensure the compliance of the service type of our Oral and Dental Health Practice Center with the targeted service menu, and its consent and support will be requested.

4. Quality Culture

Quality is primarily a culture, and in order to establish this culture, the system must be created very effectively and the operation must be sustained.

5. PUKO Cycle

The Quality Assurance Process in our faculty is operated within the framework of the PUKÖ (Plan, Do, Check, Take Action) cycle. The applicability of the educational objectives planned in line with the determined objectives-targets is audited, and measures are taken by making improvements in the areas deemed necessary.

6. Internalization

One of the assurance elements of our quality policy is the internalization of our quality policy and strategy by internal stakeholders. The academic studies of our academic staff are recorded with the FTS system, the stages of creating the learning outcomes of our students - course performances, out-of-school performance, assignments, reading, projects, etc. They are internalized outputs of our OBS quality policy.

7. Stakeholder and Sharing

In order for internal stakeholders to participate and contribute to the quality assurance system, Department Meetings and Academic Board meetings, and Orientation Meetings for students are held at the beginning of each academic year.

8. Monitoring and Improvement Process

Our faculty monitors the compatibility of mission, vision, strategic goals and performance indicators with the quality assurance system through internal evaluation processes and annual reports prepared in accordance with the strategic plan (See Annual Report, Academic Performance Report, Student Satisfaction Surveys, Stakeholder Sharing Surveys) and plans improvements in necessary areas.

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