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Faculty of Medicine - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs SWOT Analysis and Improvement


  • Transparency and easy access to faculty management.
  • Having a strong teaching staff who are experienced in the field.
  • The first in our country, which is adjacent to the NP Brain Hospital specializing in neuropsychiatry.
  • Full-fledged Private Atasehir Memorial Hospital.
  • The high number of scientific publications published in journals and other academic settings scanned within the scope of the SCI index.
  • Having a compulsory or optional preparatory class in our departments.
  • Ensuring the diversity of foreign students in the faculty.
  • The classrooms and laboratories of our faculty are equipped with state-of-the-art teaching tools.
  • Having a rich and spacious library and using libraries on other campuses of the University.
  • Faculty students receive strong support in scientific and social projects.


  • Limited sports facilities in our health campus (Use of market campus facilities).
  • Lack of homogeneity of student basic information infrastructures.
  • Shortcomings and inadequacies in secondary education in students.


  • Finding a physician shortage in our country and developed countries.
  • Thanks to the quality of education and training of our university and faculty, Istanbul has become one of the prestigious universities and its prestige has increased.
  • The number and diversity of faculty members in the faculty provide opportunities for interdisciplinary research and development activities.
  • Finding collaborations with international institutions.
  • Our students will increase their professional knowledge and manners and internship opportunities are many in Istanbul.
  • Uskudar University is the focus of attraction for students from the Middle East and African countries.
  • Conveniences in accessing information thanks to developing technology.


  • Decreased quality in secondary education and decreased analytical/critical thinking skills of incoming students, decreased knowledge of English.
  • Increasing the number of Medical Faculties in our country.


  • Increasing the number of faculty members by improving the course loads to improve the quality of education and training.
  • Planning to increase the competencies and research performance of faculty members.
  • Integration of IT services in research, correspondence, archives, etc., and improvement of administrative service provided.
  • Improvements to curriculums.
  • Planning for physical improvements in laboratories and classrooms.

 Improvements were made as a result of course evaluation and satisfaction surveys.

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