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Faculty of Medicine - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Institutional

  • 1. About Us

    The Faculty of Medicine was officially established on March 15, 2018, under the roof of Üsküdar University, with the aim of being of high quality and universality. Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine received its first students in the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

    2. Faculty Management

    2.1. Faculty Management


    Prof.  Haydar Sur

    Vice Dean

    Prof. Aptullah HAHOLU

    Faculty Secretary

    Zeynal Abidin Kocadağ

    2.2. Faculty Board

    Prof. Haydar Sur - Dean

    Prof. Haydar Sur - Head of Department of Surgical Sciences

    Prof. Tayfun Uzbay- Head of Department of Medical Sciences

    Prof. Ahmet Usta- Head of Department of Basic Sciences

    Prof. İbrahim Öztek- Professor Representative

    Prof. Mevlüt Sait Keleş- Professor Representative

    Prof. Aptullah Haholu- Professor Representative

    Assoc. Prof.  Serdar Nurmedov- Assoc. Prof. Representative

    Assoc. Prof. Alper Evrensel- Assoc. Prof Representative

    Assist. Prof. Nilgün Karasu- Asst. Prof. Representative

    2.3. Faculty Executive Board

    Prof. Haydar Sur- Dean

    Prof. Mevlüt Sait Keleş- Member

    Prof. İbrahim Öztek- Member

    Prof. Aptullah Haholu- Member

    Assoc. Prof. Serdar Nurmedov- Member

    Assoc. Prof. Alper Evrensel- Member

    Assist. Prof. Nilgün Karasu- Member

    2.4. Head of Departments

    Head of Department of Basic Sciences

    Prof. PhD Ahmet Usta

    Head of Department of Medical Sciences

    Prof. Tayfun Uzbay

    Head of Department of Surgical Sciences

    Prof. Haydar Sur

    2.5. Phases Coordinators

    Phase I Coordinator Assist. Prof. Burcu Türkgenç

    Phase II Coordinator Prof. Halis Köylü

    Phase III Coordinator Prof. Mevlüt Sait Keleş

    Phase IV Coordinator Assist. Prof. Ali Cankut Tatlıparmak

    Phase V Coordinator Prof. Haydar Sur

    Phase I Coordinator English Programme Assist. Prof. Nilgün Karasu

    Phase 2 Coordinator English Programme Prof. Ahmet Usta

    Phase 3 Coordinator English Programme Prof. Aptullah HAHOLU

    2.6. Erasmus Coordinator

    Prof. Ahmet Usta

    2.7. Bologna Coordinator

    Assist. Prof. Ayhan Özşahin

    2.8. Web Coordinator

    Assist. Prof. Seda Nur Akyol
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