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Faculty of Medicine - Uskudar University, Bachelor's, Degree Programs Dean’s Message

Medicine, which is one of the oldest professions in the world, requires a long period of study. It is also necessary to acquire the skills that are indispensable for medical practice during this period, in addition to the detailed teaching of medical science, which is devoted to many specialties.  Medicine holds the longest period of all professions that requires university education at the undergraduate level. In order for medical education to reach a certain standard structure goes back to ancient times such as it happened for medical applications. Medical education has set an example for other professions.

There are about 100 medical schools in Turkey and about 10,000 doctors are graduated from these schools each year. Nevertheless, our country is far behind from all the developed countries in terms of the number of physicians there are per 100.000 people. It is of great importance to pursue medical education with an understanding required by the 21st century through using the opportunities of modern technology. Üsküdar University School of Medicine, which was established to train physicians to increase the health level of the society, was designed and structured to provide all the requirements of modern medical education. The faculty has started its activities as an institution with strong academic staff consisting of proficient and experienced faculty members and a total of 40 research centers as well as scientific laboratories in order to meet the education needs of the young people who have chosen medicine as profession. The advantage of being newly established is that it is ready to include young people who will choose academic profession as their professional career.

We are waiting for our candidates who will contribute to the whole of humanity as well as to our country. I welcome you all beforehand.

Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur


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