Directors Message

Üsküdar University Solution-Oriented Women's Problems Application and Research Center (ÜSÇÖZÜM) has adopted it as a basic principle to look at women's problems with a human-oriented perspective. According to this, the discrimination between men and women, in other words, gender discrimination has been at the center of the discrimination between people from the past to the present and continues to do so. The problem has reached the point of gender discrimination in today's world, which has reached the height of the so-called modernity, and has become a truly human and social impasse. From this point of view, as ÜSÇÖZÜM, we find it appropriate to start the process of producing a solution to the problem as if it reinforces discrimination, not by making a distinction between men and women, but with a human focus.

In this context, as ÜSÇÖZÜM, we are planning studies to analyze the human phenomenon by carrying it to the lane of gender discrimination. Our primary goal is to ensure that the studies in question do not remain at the theoretical level, but have applicability and realizability. For this, social reality, daily life, cultural production environment and processes of our society will be our primary fields of study and research. We will endeavor to produce feasible solutions based on real problems, not hypothetical problems. In this respect, as ÜSÇÖZÜM, we will try to contribute to the university-society cooperation with the work we will follow and the way we will follow.

On the other hand, in the context of gender discrimination, analyzes and researches on the deprivation of basic human rights of women in the society they live in, are among the priorities of our study. In this context, we will first try to find an answer to the question of what a woman's place in society is and what it should be. In relation to this, we will seek answers to the questions of what gender roles are attributed to women, how and to what extent, and under what conditions women try to maintain these roles.

In addition to all these, the phenomenon of violence against women, which has become more intense in recent years, is the main axis of our research as ÜSÇÖZÜM. We plan to take the necessary initiatives to support R & D work with a variety of problems through violence against women today is increasingly becoming an insurmountable problem in Turkey. In addition, the Development Agency, TÜBİTAK, the state's units responsible for family, etc. so we are planning to take necessary initiatives to carry out some researches in cooperation with institutions and organizations. As ÜSÇÖZÜM, it is of great importance to create a certain level of awareness regarding the problems women are experiencing in today's modern world.

Assoc. Prof. Aylin TUTGUN ÜNAL