ÜSÇÖZÜM (Solution Focused Women’s Issues Application and Research Center)


Solution Focused Women's Issues Research and Application Center's goal; To support the researches that will serve to research the sources of gender inequality in Turkey and improve the solution ways, to contribute to the increase of women researches in Üsküdar University and to develop related planning and strategies. The center also aims to contribute to the survival of research, education, policy development and implementation projects aimed at preventing gender equality and preventing women's human rights violations through consultancy or expertise. The Center aims to prepare specific training programs for policymakers, planners, administrators, experts and practitioners of projects aimed at resolving women's problems and placing gender equality in public policies.


In order to achieve the objectives, set out in Article 5 of this Regulation, the Center operates in the following areas:

a) To undertake research and investigation projects in domestic and foreign matters related to women's issues directly or indirectly, to participate, to participate in such studies,
b) To contribute to the protection and development of women's rights,
c) To organize courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and similar events at national and international level on the subjects related to women, based on the rights of women and the contemporary community individual, and encourage participation in these events,
d) To give lectures and seminars related to women's problems at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in the University and encourage the participation of the students in these activities,
e) To conduct investigations and provide training and consultancy services in accordance with requests from public institutions and other legal entities,
f) To make publications, to make and encourage them, to create libraries and archives,
g) To conduct business associations with domestic and foreign organizations in relation to their activities,
h) To organize social and cultural activities by working together with the University and related institutions and organizations in line with the aims of the Center,
i) To generate other activities to be decided by the Board of Directors.