(KARMER) Career Planning Application and Research Center


  1. Ensure university students to conduct studies on career planning,
  2. Conduct scientific studies to solve potential problems students and alumni can face during their professional careers,
  3. Search job opportunities for students and alumni based on industry demand,
  4. Contribute to geographical and corporate development by transferring the results of aforementioned employment studies (in a and b) to domestic and international corporations.


  1. Organize events to meet qualified human capital need of private and public corporations with current students or alumni,
  2. Post newsletters in regards to areas of activity to inform students, alumni and corporations,
  3. Carry out meetings to engage undergraduates with professionals from various sectors, provide information on specific jobs and on career opportunities in different industries and connect alumni with companies in demand for new staff,
  4. Inform students on job search techniques through seminars or one-on-one meetings and assist students to write effective resumes and have successful interviews,
  5. Search career opportunities for all graduating students including undergraduates, master’s and doctoral students,
  6. Organize various activities to support maintenance of communication and collaboration relationship among alumni
  7. Establish a human resources database,
  8. Arrange educational field-trips to various businesses and document those tours with certificates.