General Information


a. In addition to teaching Turkish, ÜSTÖMER aims to provide an effective ground for the research, application and publication activities of field specialists about Turkish. 
b. The main objective of the Center for Teaching Practice and Research in Turkish is to become a "learning center" aiming at learning Turkish in Turkey efficiently and efficiently. With this constantly developing and "learning institution", ÜSTÖMER offers a contemporary learning environment for foreign students coming from Turkey or from abroad. 
c. The difference between Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center; oriented research and practice. 
d. To investigate all the old and new ways in which the Turkish language is spoken and written in history and today, to develop and apply language learning and teaching methods and techniques.
e. To investigate the language, history and literature works of Turkish communities in different geographies and language relations with Turkish cultures and environmental cultures and carry out all kinds of activities to be performed on this area.


  1. To research on historical periods and contemporary branches of Turkish language and to produce project,
  2. To make business associations and collaborations with similar centers in countries where the Turkish language is still being spoken,
  3. To develop and apply linguistic methods and techniques related to Turkish language teaching,
  4. To discuss the common language of communicating with the scientists of countries that speak one of the arms of the Turkish language,
  5. To organize programs to learn all branches of Turkish language,
  6. To conduct service lessons with Turkish language content when necessary,
  7. To avoid the problems encountered in the written and verbal use of the Turkish language; organize courses and seminars to ensure more accurate and effective use,
  8. to organize national and international scientific meetings on current and future problems and to bring suggestions to these problems in the place of Turkish language among the world languages,
  9. With the feature that the language is one of the most important cultural carriers, it is aimed to evaluate the introduction of Turkish culture in the teaching of Turkish language,
  10. To work together with the media in order to gain the correct and effective use of Turkish language,
  11. To make level determination exams for those who want to learn Turkish language as a second language and organize curriculums for students according to their results and issue certificates,
  12. To organize programs for the people who learn Turkish language as a second language to gain this language in the natural environment; To provide preparatory education for Turkish Preparatory Classes of Turcology (Turkish Language and Literature) Departments which continue their studies in countries other than Turkey,

To organize courses, seminars and certify them with certificates, if necessary, to complement the lack of correspondence and conversation to the personnel of public or private institutions and organizations.