Directors Message

Turkish is a world language that is rich in terms of vocabulary and expression, whose origins range from the earliest times of history and reached to more than 200 million people.

A person who learns the real Turkish language, which is a language that interacted with various languages during the flow of history, will both enter into a rich culture formed with this language and will have the key to understand the other branches of Turkish language used in a wide geography.

The mass media are being used effectively nowadays with the help of the developing technology. New places are recognized and new friendships are established together with the established interaction. These situations bring a potential in areas such as work, education and tourism. Turkish language, which is one of the world's oldest languages and has been identified as the 5th most spoken language by UNESCO in the world, is facing an increasing demand.

As Üsküdar University Turkish Education Application and Research Center (ÜSTÖMER), our aim is to teach our foreign language students who want to learn a new language as well as other languages. The other aims of the Center are to support all kinds of activities for teaching Turkish to foreigners, create classroom environments where foreign students can learn Turkish, not to only think Turkish language as teaching a language but also to transfer our culture to the students with through Turkish and organize activities outside the classroom for this purpose, share information about the language of instruction on establishing relationships with language centers operating outside and inside of Turkey, prepare an environment for teaching Turkish to foreigners, assist with our foreign students’ undergraduate and graduate studies.

In parallel with the growing strength and importance of Turkey in the last 25 years, the interest to Turkish language has also increased accordingly. Another task of ÜSTÖMER is to provide Turkish language training to the foreigners who are interested to learn the language in order to deal with trade related and developmental projects in Turkey. İstanbul, the largest city of Turkey, is becoming a more cosmopolitan city that is hosting of the foreign body each day. It is necessary to accelerate the studies on teaching Turkish to foreigners.

Üsküdar University attaches special importance to the acceptance of international students, which is one of the priority policies of our country and YÖK (Council of Higher Education). It is very essential for foreign students to learn some level of Turkish while they study undergraduate or graduate programs. The Turkish Teaching Center has taken teaching Turkish very seriously. At the same time, it aims to contribute towards the application of social and cultural program with Turkey's historical and cultural richness.


Faculty Member Selçuk DUMAN 

ÜSTÖMER Director