General Information


a) To conduct research on values ​​and education in cooperation with stakeholders and to prepare and carry out training programs and implementation activities related to the subject,

b) To prepare publications for values ​​and education, to support publication studies and to provide scientific support services such as creating data banks that will increase the impact of publications, and inventory.

c) To produce scientific solutions for sustainable human development, justice and popularization of democratic principles by preparing alternative solution proposal packages in which the participation of different disciplines for problems related to the reconstruction of values.


a) To conduct scientific research on the teaching and reconstruction of values ​​and to develop principles, strategies, models and solutions in this regard.

b) To carry out joint studies in dialogue with universities, official and non-governmental organizations for values ​​and education.

c) To organize scientific meetings and activities such as national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, panels, seminars, conversations, courses, exhibitions, commemoration days for values ​​and education.