Directors Message

It is common knowledge that in today's world, concepts such as globalization are held responsible, but the values ​​that have a large share of the local backwardness are evacuated. Distancing from human values ​​causes psychological disorders, and mental health deterioration causes the irregularity of families, which are the foundation of societies, and then the corruption of all societies. Our age of worthlessness, both in search of worthless direction and under the mask of value, is pregnant with new exits. These outputs may be developing new methods for solving problems or showing how ancient values ​​are lived in accordance with the age.

Üsküdar University Humanitarian Values ​​Education Application and Research Center (ÜDEMER) aims to convey our traditional values ​​that we need to carry from the past to the present with modern methods and techniques, as well as to produce new values ​​in accordance with the requirements of the age. In addition to commonly used methods such as education and training that achieve these goals, contemporary methods such as psychological counseling will also be used. In addition to values ​​education, the re-examination of values ​​in the light of scientific research and the application of the findings constitute the field of study of our center.

We would like to inform you that our doors and hearts are open to anyone who wants to work with us by worrying about values, and thank you.

Prof. Dr. Sırrı AKBABA

ÜDEMER Manager