General Information

Üsküdar University ŞİDAM (Application and Research Center for Combating Violence and Crime) is the internal stakeholder of Üsküdar University Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Forensic Sciences Department. The goals and objectives of the center in this cooperation are as follows;


Increasing all over the world and in Turkey, child abuse and neglect, disabled and elderly abuse and neglect, violence, aggression, across drug and suicidal tendencies will strengthen the protection of children and families contribute to social policies to develop; to prevent violence and crime before it occurs in family, school and other social environments,

Turkey, the region and the world level, human rights, violence, terror, aggression, suicide, child abuse and neglect of elderly and disabled, and other issues of crime and victimization, and do theoretical studies at the application level,

Contributing to a safer and happier society by producing research and implementation services in the fields of protective law, preventive and remedial education, conflict resolution and mediation,

Covered with domestic and foreign institutions operating in the field of cooperation with developing the Center's work study subjects contribute to the socio-cultural development of Turkey,

To reveal crisis intervention models in individual and social emergencies and extraordinary events, to develop theories in this field, to contribute to the training of experts,

Developing applicable models that will serve as a roadmap in line with the needs of reducing violence and crime, and cooperating with relevant institutions and organizations in this regard.


On issues such as child rights, violence, terrorism, aggression, suicide, child abuse and neglect, abuse and neglect of the disabled, abuse and neglect of the elderly, crime and victimization and similar issues; to conduct public opinion surveys, to produce projects or to be a partner in the projects being carried out, to organize in-service training courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, certificate programs to national and international organizations, real and legal persons, to inform every segment of the society directly or through distance education and to raise awareness, to cooperate with similar centers for this purpose,

To develop models for creating violence, crime, victimization and risk maps at the provincial / district / school level, to conduct field studies in this direction,

To develop materials for educational and psycho-social services of relevant organizations; To prepare, implement and participate in ongoing projects for effective prison / convict management, consultation, improvement works,

In line with the aims of the center, to cooperate with similar institutions and organizations in Turkey and abroad, to support the lectures, conferences and seminars on violence, aggression and crime at universities, to support the organization of symposiums, workshops and congresses, to encourage students to prepare theses and to provide the necessary support,

It provides consultancy services in the determination of thesis, project and research subjects and strategies of Üsküdar University Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences and Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Forensic Sciences.

To develop and implement projects, to participate in existing projects in order to inform and raise awareness of the society about legal mediation and probation by cooperating with relevant public institutions,

About child and family protection and social services; to produce social policies and to prepare regulatory procedures in cooperation with relevant organizations, to reveal scientific data and models they need in project design and execution, to take part in these studies, to develop social responsibility projects in this direction,

To provide program and educational support services to universities, formal and non-formal education institutions in order to develop and implement an effective student counseling system in order to make schools integrated and safe schools,

In line with the aims of the center, to carry out publication activities based on the relevant literature and field studies, to prepare scientific reports, to provide consultancy and expert services within the scope of study issues,

Planning, organizing and carrying out the necessary activities to find solutions to problems arising in the fields related to the working areas of the center,

To benefit from the services of scientists and experts from outside the institution, depending on the nature of the projects being carried out,

The existence of 4 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in determining the Children, Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women, Crime Maps and Risk Groups we work with, as a social responsibility project, makes us strong.

To carry out other studies in line with the establishment purpose of the center.