Directors Message

The fight against violence and crime is too important to be left only to security units. ŞİDAM (Violence and Crime Combating Application and Research Center) aims to raise awareness about crime prevention, to eliminate victimization and to teach necessary techniques for this purpose, especially to Üsküdar University students and academic staff. It organizes trainings and activities on the following subjects in order to prevent the formation of a crime triangle consisting of criminal, victim and crime scene;

Increasing all over the world and in Turkey, child abuse and neglect, disabled and elderly abuse and neglect, violence, aggression, across drug and suicidal tendencies will strengthen the protection of children and families contribute to social policies to develop; to prevent violence and crime before it occurs in family, school and other social environments,

Turkey, the region and the world level, human rights, violence, terror, aggression, suicide, child abuse and neglect of elderly and disabled, and other issues of crime and victimization, and do theoretical studies at the application level,

Contributing to a safer and happier society by producing research and implementation services in the fields of protective law, preventive and remedial education, conflict resolution and mediation,

Covered with domestic and foreign institutions operating in the field of cooperation with developing the Center's work study subjects contribute to the socio-cultural development of Turkey,

To reveal crisis intervention models in individual and social emergencies and extraordinary events, to develop theories in this field, to contribute to the training of experts,

Developing applicable models that will serve as a roadmap in line with the needs of reducing violence and crime, and cooperating with relevant institutions and organizations in this regard are among its aims.

ŞİDAM, which has an interdisciplinary nature, encourages our students enrolled in the Forensic Sciences and Criminal Justice Departments at our University's Institute of Addiction and Forensic Sciences to choose their thesis subject to reduce the crime rate in our country and to prevent crime and all kinds of violence.


Prof. Dr. Sevil ATASOY

ŞİDAM Manager