General İnformation


a) Within the scope of the center's rational drug administration, preventing adverse drug effects that may occur due to the drug's ineffectiveness or overdose due to its genotypic, phenotypic characteristics or dose insufficiency.

b) Prevention of wrong and unnecessary drug use.

c) Conducting research and applications on the subject and supporting the studies.


a) Investigation of the effects of single nucleotide differences (SNP) on metabolism in individuals.

b) Measuring the activities of enzymes that metabolize drugs commonly used in the phenotyping study in the body.

c) Organizing seminars, conferences, television programs and similar activities for public promotion of the activities of the center outside the university and informing the public.

ç) To support students, educators, professional persons and institutions to conduct research and investigation studies.

d) To carry out and support education, research and application activities in line with the aims of the center.

e) Organizing congresses, symposiums, workshops, panels, seminars and conferences related to the field.

f) In the subjects falling within the working area of ​​the center to provide research, investigation, consultancy and similar services to public institutions and organizations and the private sector.

g) To develop and implement research and analysis programs that will produce the knowledge required by students studying in other faculties and units of the university, undergraduate or graduate programs, and international academic institutions, and academicians doing research in this field, and to contribute to existing applications.