Directors Message

Majority of Neurology and Neuropsychiatry patients are resistant patients and do not respond to the treatment. Today, the response of these patients to medication is evaluated only on symptoms. Due to factors such as genetic structure and metabolic rate (polymorphism), response to medication varies between individuals. Depending on the DNA structure of the individuals, the response to the drug and treatment differs between individuals because they do not activate some drugs at all, and some metabolize rapidly and others slowly. The response of the patient to the drug should be known and the dose should be adjusted according to this response. With the latest developments in the world of medicine and biology, the necessity of individualization of the treatment (the individual's individual response to medicine and treatment) is brought to the agenda.

KİMER (Personalized Treatment Application and Research Center) is a center that provides preliminary information to the individual and the physician about possible polymorphisms and helps to regulate pharmacotherapy by measuring the response of the individual to the drug via Drug Blood Level Monitoring (TDM).


The goals of the center's applications:

To prevent the individual from being unresponsive to treatment or exposure to drug toxicity by ensuring that the correct drug is taken at the correct dose through drug blood level monitoring. To ensure that genotyping or phenotyping studies are carried out by evaluating the differences in the response of the individual to the drug.

To ensure that the phenotyping study is carried out to determine the current pharmacokinetic phenotype of the individual.

We invite scientists and private and legal entities who want to work on every subject, that will make the treatment individualized and personal, to work together in this field.


Exp. Pharm. Selma ÖZİLHAN

KIMER Manager