General İnformation

Center’s Objectives:

a) To enable university students to work on career planning,

b) To carry out scientific studies to solve the problems which students and graduates may encounter in business life,

c) To research the employment opportunities of students and graduates in line with the demands of the business world,

d) By transferring the results of these studies and their experience in this field to relevant local and foreign organizations; to contribute to the development of these organizations and regional development.

Activity Areas of the Center:

a) Organizing activities to ensure that the qualified human resources needs of public and private sector organizations are met by students who are or have studied at our university,

b) By publishing bulletins on issues related to its activities; informing students, alumni, institutions and organizations,

c) To organize promotional meetings bringing together students and alumni and various organizations from different sectors, and to provide students with information about job descriptions, business life, career opportunities in various fields; to communicate between graduates and companies that request personnel,

d) To inform students about job search techniques through seminars and individual interviews; help with writing an effective CV and having a successful interview,

e) To search for job opportunities for students who graduated from all departments of the university including master and doctorate education,

f) To contribute by organizing various activities for university graduates to collaborate, be in solidarity and relationship with each other in their post-university lives,

g) To build a human resources database,

h) To organize business promotional trips regularly, to document them with certification.