Directors Message

The job that an individual has started, developed by using the productive years of his life and generally continues until the end of his working life and the position he has as a result is his career.

Career is to move forward in a chosen business path and as a result gain more experimentation and skills, take on more responsibility, gain more reputation. On the other hand, career means a combination that shows the experience, activity and hierarchical position of the person in his / her working life. Individuals accumulate useful experience in a position, then develop their skills and move to a higher position.

Again, career is expressed as a concept that states the place of the person in the institution where he / she works and tells the development and rising success of the individual within the profession or institution. Career means a focus and meaning to human life. While a person communicating with many people in his / her environment and working in cooperation with them creates the social aspect of a profession, the job satisfaction he / she will provide through this profession, constitutes the psychological aspect.

Our center will accompany you on your journey. To this end, it will organize events in order to ensure that the qualified human resources needs of public and private sector organizations are met by the students who are studying or have studied at our university, and will inform students about job search techniques through seminars and individual interviews; will help with writing an effective CV and having a successful interview. It will also contribute to university graduates' post-university lives by organizing various activities for cooperation, solidarity and relationship with each other.

In the hope to make successful careers as happy people now and all your life long.


KARMER Manager