General İnformation


a) To provide academical contribution to the field by conducting both scientific and applied researches on the field of communication and by developing projects.
b) To contribute to the development of academic and social sensitivity in the field of communication by developing projects jointly with various institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations at national and international levels and by holding seminars, symposiums and conference style meetings nationally and internationally. 
c) To give support to the development of the university-community business association by giving seminars in the fields in Effective communication, diction, speech techniques, corporate communication, political communication, etc.
d) To contribute to the development of the university-sector business association by giving seminars in package programs by establishing contacts with institutions and organizations operating in public or private sector structure, effective communication, diction, speech techniques, stress management. 
e) To contribute to the social and cultural development of the country by developing various projects (radio-television programs, preparation of written press-related content, etc.) with social responsibility through media circles operating at national or local level. 
f) To carry out activities (meetings, seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.) that reinforce the education of the students in the business association with the Communication Faculty.
g) To provide practical education support to students of Communication Faculty with some courses and seminars.

Fields of Activity:

a) To create an opportunity to carry out some studies for implementation in the Center based on the field of communication sciences. Within this scope, we will develop projects and prepare the environment for the publication of books, magazines or bulletin-style publications.
b) To create an environment for the realization of co-productions (documentaries, short films, etc.) with various institutions and organizations in private or public quality, using the technical facilities of the university (radio and television studio) and the participation of faculty members and students of the Faculty of Communication.
c) To carry out various studies in order to improve human-oriented communication and social communication by passing through the theme with private or public organizations. 
d) To establish business associations at various levels by passing themes through professional organizations such as associations, unions, societies in national or international qualifications operating in the field of communication. 
e) To develop various projects in cooperation with public institutions operating in the field of communication such as Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), Prime Ministry Press and Information Department, Anadolu Agency etc. 
f) To develop and implement social responsibility projects that will contribute to the development of a more sensitive and conscious society about the use of media and social media.
g) To carry out training activities for private or legal persons to improve human-oriented communication.
h) To provide education and consultancy services to the private and public institutions and organizations in case of need and in return for wages.
i) To purchase services or to sell services when necessary to bring the operation of the center to a more effective status. 
j) To fulfill the other studies that the Central Management Board deems necessary in line with the needs of our University.