Directors Message

Üsküdar University Human-Focused Communication Application and Research Center (İLİMER) is established to plan and perform human centered communication studies. One of the primary goals of İLİMER is to generate new expansions to the field through bringing the studies and theories that have been conducted in the field of communication to the new dimensions with a human-oriented perspective and experimental researches. In this context, it is planned to make use of the theoretical and methodological opportunities of psychology and social psychology in the field of communication by using Üsküdar University’s laboratories such as neuroscience and language therapy. The expectation is that experimental studies which are planned to be carried out in the laboratory will contribute to the progress of the communication sciences.

An important dimension of studies in the field of communication sciences is the field researches carried out on the social level. As İLİMER, we have developed some projects within the scope of R&D activities. It is planned to contribute to the field of communication sciences both in theoretical and methodological terms by means of surveys, in-depth interview techniques, oral culture and oral history studies.

It is undoubtable that the developments in communication and information technologies will bring a new vision to humanity. It is imperative that comprehensive and multidisciplinary research is carried out on impact and content in order to make accurate determinations about how and in what direction the vision will be. As İLİMER, we plan to conduct studies on how and in what way the virtual world, which is expanding with internet media, affects the reality of humanity. We also strive to project our work towards this direction within the scope of R&D studies.

As İLİMER, we hope that the works that we consider to develop and realize will bring new insights into the communication sciences as well as contribute to the solution of the problems that are experienced in the individual and social platforms.

Prof. Nazife GÜNGÖR
İLİMER Director