General Information

İHAMER uses an interdisciplinary and scientific method based on national and international law in the fields of human rights law and humanitarian law; attaches importance to doing researches aimed at the recognition, protection, implementation and development of human rights. In this regard, İHAMER aims to contribute to the internalization, sustainability, development and implementation of basic universal values ​​such as human rights, equality, democracy, freedom and justice on the society in general and Üsküdar University in particular.


İHAMER is in cooperation with Turkey's Human Rights and Equality Authority (TİHEK), and Uskudar University, all undergraduate, graduate and with scholars and students in graduate programs are focused on the realization of human rights and equality research and studies. Within the framework of this mentioned focus, İHAMER will carry out various activities such as research planning, project development and implementation on human rights and equality, and organizing courses-seminars for the academic development of academicians and students at Üsküdar University in an interdisciplinary cooperation.

The conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops that İHAMER aims to organize will provide a platform for academicians working on human rights and equality to exchange information. On the other hand, students in all associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs will be able to participate in the certificate programs provided by İHAMER and receive training on human rights and equality and have the opportunity to study on this subject. Therefore, İHAMER aims to build a theoretical, practical and methodological holistic thinking around the issue of human rights and equality around an interdisciplinary context based on the collaboration of academics and students.

Fields of Activity

The fields of activity of İHAMER based on demography, culture, education and professional-ethical content are as follows:

İHAMER will organize advanced specialist courses, seminars, workshops, congresses and symposiums in the context of practice and research.

İHAMER will bring together the scientific and technical findings obtained as a result of various practices and research studies on human rights and equality, and publish these findings in scientific journals, books, bulletins and various media similar to these scientific publications.

İHAMER will direct associate, undergraduate and graduate students to various training, projects and seminars on human rights and equality.

İHAMER will research in the field of human rights and equality of educational institutions located outside Turkey and will develop cooperation with international organizations.