Directors Message

In the world history, the issue of human rights and equality has always been mentioned as an individual and social problem. In this context, the conflict of rights, interests and needs in individual and social aspects has historically been solved within the framework of the construction of an authoritarian, totalitarian and status quo politics, economy and civil society. Therefore, while focusing on individual rights in general, a humanitarian value-oriented basis that is compatible with social rights could not be developed.

The problems encountered in the context of human rights and equality in the 21st century are shaped by this historical balance mentioned. At this point, examples of differences in religion, language, gender, ethnicity and thought are met in the axis of violence-oriented word-actions. For this reason, racist, chauvinistic, fanatic, discriminatory and sexist ideologies are used as a tool to make political, economic and sociological problems invisible.

İHAMER will try to build a foundation of rights and equality that puts the individual and society at the center against these historical and contemporary problems. With this motive, İHAMER sets out to contribute to these points, which are determined by research and application studies, by focusing on the points of universal and local values ​​based on historical and current knowledge, which are considered positive in individual and social terms.        

Prof. Dr. Ebulfez SÜLEYMANLI

İHAMER Director