ÜSESKOM (Language and Speech Therapy Application and Research Center)

Üsküdar University Language and Speech Therapy Research and Application Center (ÜSESKOM) was established to provide academic support for the implementation of the courses in associate, undergraduate and graduate programs.


1. To conduct basic and applied research and publication.
2. To provide the opportunity to apply to undergraduate and graduate students in this field.
3. To conduct activities that are beneficial to the society.

Scientific and social requirements for the establishment of the center:

Language and speech disorders; the people they came up with are the situations that cause multifaceted social and economic losses in terms of their families and societies. Nevertheless, language and speech disorders and therapies remain a neglected subject in the 20th century, when the notion of uniform science is dominant. In terms of neurological sciences, voice, speech and language disorders are neurological disorders that cause these disorders and are not adequately recognized and undetected disorders, such as paralysis and sensory disorders. For the emergence of language and speech therapy, hundreds of thousands of language and speech impaired patients had to occur due to head injuries during World War II. As the social and professional problems that these people created when they returned from the war turned into a huge problem for the governments, there was a necessity to be touched by this issue and many centers of language and speech disorders were started to deal with this problem. However, it cannot be said that within the last 50-60 years, scientific and social needs have been met with regard to this issue. The number of centers currently working towards this aim is very limited in the world and in Turkey. ÜSESKOM is a center established by the Üsküdar University in recognition of the individual and social needs that have emerged in this field.

The contributions that the center's activities can collect, especially to the university, in general, are:

1. To carry out advanced researches to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic applications in language and speech disorders and contribute to the development of new approaches that can be used in the clinic,
2. To encourage researchers to conduct multidisciplinary studies. To cooperate with the basic science and clinical sciences in coordinating research projects and use domestic and external support resources for this purpose,
3. To design and analyze advanced treatment modalities such as new techniques and application approaches that can be used in treatment, and then to make prototypes in appropriate maturity with clinical studies and eventually to make clinical applications,
4. To contribute to the accumulation of national and international knowledge by organizing specialist courses, seminars, workshops, symposiums and congresses in the fields of application,
5. To carry out joint studies with national and international public and private institutions, research groups and scientists to realize these aims,
6. To provide business associations and provide consultancy services in health field.

ÜSESKOM's clinical fields of activity are diagnosis, differential diagnosis and therapy studies in various kinds of voice, speech and language disorders. The academic and educational staff to be established in order to carry out these activities include relevant neurologists, ENT specialists and audiologists, psychologists and special educators.

The center has many examples abroad and there are very limited examples in the country. Working on these examples, DİLKOM that operates under Anadolu University, has been working successfully for many years. Therefore, one of ÜSESKOM's primary tasks in the coming years is to develop and share the theoretical and practical business association grounds with DİLKOM.