Directors Message

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that has the most scientific evidence about its efficacy as first-line therapy in the treatment of many psychiatric disorders and psychological problems all over the world. It is often preferred by patients or clients because of its shorter duration of therapy compared to other types of therapy, its high efficacy and its ability to train the individual to become their “own therapist”. Professionals working in the field of mental health also prefer to apply CBT to their patients or clients due to these features.

Therefore, demand for CBT education in our country is increasing rapidly in recent years. As with all types of psychotherapy, CBT is not a type of therapy that can be applied with some “innate” therapeutic skills. The applications are conducted by mental health workers who have completed the training programs in this area, which are well structured, in accordance with international quality standards in terms of time and content, including theoretical and practical training programs. Üsküdar University Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training, Application and Research Center (ÜSBDT) was established to support the more widespread and competent implementation of CBT in our country. The main purpose of our center is to provide theoretical and practical training on CBT.