ÜSBAUMER, to conduct scientific research in the field of addiction, to produce projects, to be a partner in ongoing projects; to organize in-service training courses, conferences, workshops, seminars, certificate programs for national and international organizations, real and legal persons; It aims to inform and raise awareness of every segment of society, either directly or through distance education.

The Center operates in the following areas in order to achieve the objectives stipulated in article 5 of this Regulation:
a) To train psychologists and physicians in order to prevent addiction treatment methods from being used by non-professionals.
b) To conduct research in cooperation with other research centers and laboratories. 
c) To prepare scientific research projects at national and international levels and to form working groups to realize these projects.
d) In line with the purpose of the center, to support scientific studies and projects in Turkey and abroad, to organize national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, panels, courses and similar scientific activities.