General İnformation

Uskudar University Globalization and Youth Problems Application and Research Center (KÜGEMER) was established to work towards young people representing Turkey's most intensive group as a population and among the international highlights of our country. The main purpose of the center is for young people; to recognize their agendas, goals, potentials and problems.

Center’s Objectives:

a) To identify, explain and resolve mental and social problems specific to youth, and to continue the necessary studies,

b) To conduct advanced researches to develop new solution applications for youth problems and to develop new approaches that can be used in the clinic,

c) Taking existing practices further; to conduct studies to determine the effects of globalization, modernity and post-modern situations on young people,

Activity Areas of the Center:

a) To create and coordinate application-oriented research projects in the field of youth issues in partnership with social sciences, to use domestic and international support resources for this purpose,

b) To design and analyze advanced solutions such as new social techniques and application approaches that can be used in the solution of youth problems in our country, and then to make them mature prototypes suitable for social studies, and finally to be used in policy development,

c) To conduct researches and methods used in the field of youth problems, to test their use in practice and to ensure their application in practice,

d) To carry out joint studies with national and international public and private organizations, research groups and scientists to achieve these goals,

e) Contributing to national and international knowledge by organizing advanced specialist courses, seminars, workshops, congresses and symposiums in the field of youth issues,

f) To report scientific and technical findings obtained as a result of application and research studies to publish them in media in this social problem area, as scientific journals, books, bulletins, etc.

g) Providing consultancy services to public institutions and organizations in areas where the work of the center is needed,

h) To carry out other works in accordance with the objectives of the center requested by the board of directors.