Directors Message

The youth period is the period when a person can use his personal potential with his family life, academic background and social achievements. So the energy of youth, both at the individual and social level, is a wealth in the sense of the word. This wealth, like all valuable resources, can only be evaluated in the way it deserves by a good evaluation of needs, problems and potentials. Therefore, directing the energy of our young population, which today constitutes the most important deficiency of all developed countries and which is our strongest resource, and directing the future of our society, should be the most important task of all bodies working with young people.

Our center which is founded on this consciousness, experience, and wisdom of the guidance is to combine the energy of youth; in this way young people and their potentials by working to develop solutions for problems that you encounter allow it to pass, seeks to ensure that this national treasure is properly assessed. The cultural heritage and values offered to us by the ancient Anatolian tradition are also utilized in the research and search for solutions to today's needs and problems.

Cooperation with the different power centers of society such as civil society, local government units and state institutions, which have targets for the young population, is one of our priority points in the work that is being carried out in our center which has a multidisciplinary approach. I have no doubt that any kind of information and project that will emerge with this understanding will guide the steps Turkey will take with its young population, one of the leading countries of the future, and that our country will guide the whole world through different approaches that it will develop.

Assoc. Dr. İsmail BARIŞ