General Information


The purpose of ENMER; To ensure participation of all disabled people that continue their education in Üsküdar University as well as the all disabled people in Turkey that equitably participate in education, teaching, social life and cultural fields and develop planning and strategy in the related subject. This center aims to improve at the level of all stakeholders through the assessment of physical, mental and social considerations of the needy, correct orientation and the necessary therapy and training activities after the application, before the application of the prosthesis, orthosis, auxiliary devices and tools are used.


The Center operates in the following areas to achieve the objectives set out in Article 5 of this Regulation:
a) To carry out researches on the regulations, equipment, auxiliary prosthesis and orthosis applications required for barrier-free life,
b) To apply prosthetics and orthodontics to prostate and occupational undergraduate students at the Prosthetic Orthosis Workshop which will be located in the center and to make the maintenance and repair of the prosthesis, orthosis and auxiliary devices of the physically-challenged in the vicinity through expert technicians and therapists to be assigned at the Prosthetic Orthosis atelier and provide necessary training to learn how to use the equipment, 
c) To conduct research covering the screening of physically-challenged and the identification of their needs, 
d) To conduct research in cooperation with other research centers and laboratories, 
e) To prepare scientific research projects at national and international levels and form working groups to carry out these projects,
f) To support domestic and international scientific studies and projects in line with the aim of the center, organize national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, seminars, panels, courses and similar scientific events.