Directors Message

According to the data of the World Health Organization, the rapid aging of the world population and the increase in chronic diseases are increasing the number of people with disabilities day by day. Accordingly, more than one billion of the world population of more than 7 billion has various disabilities. The number of disabled children exceeds 100 million, 80% of disabled individuals live in developing countries.

The UN defines persons with disabilities as "those who cannot do the work that they have to do for themselves in their personal or social life, as a result of any inherited or subsequent deficiency in their physical or mental abilities."

According to the World Health Organization data, the disabled are among the “most marginalized groups in the world”. It was concluded that some studies should be done in order to get rid of this stereotypical thought and it was decided to establish ENMER as our university besides many positive developments regarding this issue.

ENMER (Disabled Life Support Application and Research Center), which was established within Üsküdar University, was established and started its activities in order to ensure the equal participation of disabled students and working individuals in education, and to provide their participation in education, social life and cultural areas and to develop planning and strategy on the subject.

ENMER, a group in which all disability situations are perceived as differences enriching the society, will continue to work by increasing its numbers.

Best regards,


ENMER Manager