General Information


The aim of BIOTEKMER is to conduct scientific research in the field of health, to produce projects, to be a partner in the projects being carried out; to organize in-service training courses, to organize conferences, workshops, seminars, certificate programs for national and international organizations; to inform and raise awareness of every segment of society, directly or through distance education; to conduct researches on the production of consumables and methods used in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of various diseases, especially psychological and psychosomatic diseases; to produce; to test its use in the clinic and to ensure its application in practice.


The center performs the following activities in line with its objectives:

a) To encourage the training of academic staff and students to conduct research and applications in biotechnology at the university.

b) To develop and implement joint scientific research and application projects in the field of biotechnology and to ensure the necessary coordination in joint studies.

c) To train physicians to authorize in order to prevent the application of biotechnological methods by non-specialists.

d) To conduct research in cooperation with other research centers and laboratories.

e) To prepare scientific research projects at national and international levels, to form working groups to realize these projects.

f) Organizing seminars, courses and conferences in order to encourage research and applications in biotechnology and to announce the researches, to issue participation certificates and certificates regarding these studies when necessary.