Directors Message

As it is known, Biotechnology; benefiting from natural sciences such as cell and tissue biology culture, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, physiology and biochemistry as well as various engineering branches; It is all of the technologies used to develop the desired aspects of plants, animals and microorganisms with DNA technology and to obtain new and rare substances (products) that do not exist naturally or cannot be produced as much as we need. Biotechnology applications; developed in a reciprocal relationship with many scientific disciplines, from basic sciences to health and applied sciences.

Between applications there are subjects like;

Production of different proteins for human health,

Production of hormones, antibodies, vitamins and antibiotics belonging to different living things,

To enable the organisms living in very difficult environments (hot, arid, salty, etc.) to be used in industry by purifying their biomolecules,

Production of vegetables, fruits and other foods suitable for changing new conditions,

Elimination of harmful genes in humans and other living things,

Vaccine, pesticide, medicinal plant production and active substance extraction from these plants,

Production of artificial organs and tissues for the replacement of damaged or lost human organs and tissues.

Of course, it is possible to further expand the above-mentioned working areas. Üsküdar University Biotechnology Research and Application Center (BIOTEKMER), which focuses on health and behavioral sciences, was established both to prepare students studying in its own departments for the business world, and to create a ground and infrastructure for studies that will benefit all humanity with resources obtained / to be obtained from different sources. Especially as translational science, it has been working on Pharmacogenetics and individualized medicine since its establishment, as an example to the clinical applications of the data obtained from the science of genetics.

We invite both scientists and private and legal entities who want to work in every field including biotechnology, which has become a savior science in many subjects today, to work together in this field.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Muhsin KONUK,