Directors Message

Neuropsychiatry is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of diseases of the nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Our nervous system is the part that governs all our activities. The signals we receive from the environment with our five senses (i.e. our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) are interpreted by the nervous system. The nervous system determines how we respond to these stimuli, and the nervous system conducts this response.

The nervous system governs our novelties, which means we use our arms, walk, dance, play football, write. The nervous system is also responsible for the functions of our internal organs. In the management of our nervous system, we talk, understand, think, feel, feel good, enjoy, make choices, make decisions, suppress our unwarranted impulses, plan, organize our work. Memory, attention, intelligence, love, happiness, and sexual desire are all features of our nervous system.

When the nervous system malfunctions, paralysis, epilepsy, various movement disorders (such as tremors, inability to move quickly), numbness / tingling, headache, speech disorders, dexterity, forgetfulness, dementia, mental breakdown, anxiety, phobia, obsession, skepticism, exaggeration, problems such as hallucinations and mental retardation occur. Bu sorunlarla nöropsikiyatri uğraşır. Neuropsychiatry is nowadays divided into two branches; neurology and psychiatry.

Since the day it was founded, Üsküdar University has taken a holistic view of people and human health as a mission. For this reason, neurology, psychiatry and psychology disciplines work in close cooperation in our center. Physicians and psychologists, all of whom are faculty members, treat diseases of our brain and nervous system. The treatment of not only adults but also pediatric patients is among the areas of interest of our center.

As a requirement of a holistic view of human health, it has expanded its field of activity to include physical therapy and rehabilitation, orthopedics, cardiology, otolaryngology.

The other purpose of our center as important as providing health services is to conduct scientific researches. In addition to accepting patients and conducting their treatment, our physicians and psychologists teach at the university, write articles, make presentations at home and abroad, and transfer their experiences and research to both students and the scientific community.

In summary, it is a treatment, research and educational institution that combines patient-oriented and personalized healthcare service with the meticulousness of scientific observation.    

Assoc. Dr. Oğuz TAN (Psychiatrist)