General Information


a) To serve the development of the country in the field of health, to bring the sector and the demanders together, to provide access to systematic information and information source.

b) To conduct domestic and international research, development and studies in determining the functioning and standardization of institutions and organizations providing health tourism services.

c) To produce data that will contribute to the legislation studies and planning related to health tourism, to work on the determination of macro standards.

d) Organizing organizations to ensure coordination between public and private institutions related to health tourism.

e) To contribute to the development of policies for the health tourism sector, to operate effectively, at international standards and under competitive conditions with foreign countries serving in this field.

f) Developing projects that will add value to the country's economy in the fields of tourism health, health tourism and medical service tourism, and coordinate their activation.

g) To provide academic support for our country to become a center of attraction in terms of health tourism and to contribute to practical implementation strategies as a result of the achievements in the field of health, as well as its geographical location, affordable prices and healthcare services at international standards.



a) To create and coordinate research projects for application in the field of health tourism within the center, to use domestic and international support resources for this purpose.

b) To contribute to national and international knowledge by organizing tourism health, health tourism and medical service tourism, advanced specialist courses, seminars, workshops, congresses and symposiums.

c) To report the scientific and technical findings obtained as a result of application and research studies in the field of health tourism, to publish them in scientific journals, books, bulletins and similar media.

d) Providing consultancy services to public institutions and organizations in areas where the center's work is needed.

e) To organize organizations that bring new expansions to health tourism in line with tactical and strategic goals by using the university's academic knowledge in areas such as not only medical tourism, but also thermal tourism, elderly and disabled tourism.

f) To carry out joint studies with national and international public and private organizations, research groups and scientists to achieve their goals.

g) To carry out other studies in accordance with the Center’s objectives requested by the Executive Board.