ÜSMERA (Medical Radiation Application and Research Center)


a) To follow and examine advanced and current developments in science and technology.

b) To carry out new scientific researches within the framework of national and international scientific cooperation.

c) To increase the efficiency and quality of current research, to cooperate with domestic and foreign research and application centers, laboratories and other scientific research institutions operating in related fields.

d) To contribute to the development of post-graduate programs in related fields.


a) To carry out scientific activities, research and development activities and similar scientific activities on accelerators, detectors, simulation codes and programs, design studies, data analysis, advanced calculation techniques, productivity enhancement activities, software used in related fields such as Medical Physics, Nuclear Physics, Medical Imaging Physics, Accelerator Physics and so on.

b) To organize scientific activities on the topics concerned and carry out scientific researches and applications on increasing the quality of current studies made in national and international field.

c) To carry out joint activities and activities by making cooperation agreements with institutions, organizations, research and application centers, laboratories and universities related to their fields and fields of interest in national and international platforms.

d) To report and publish the results to be issued here by organizing summer-winter schools, seminars, conferences, workshops, invited speaker-panel style scientific events and conduct studies on the topics to be determined by the center,

e) To support researchers and working groups both locally and abroad for research activities.

f) To provide the necessary scientific support for the preparation of the master's and doctoral programs' infrastructures in cooperation with the related units of the University and the application and processing of the curriculum.

g) To conduct R&D activities in relation to work areas and joint consultations with industry representatives, writing joint projects.