Media and Cultural Studies Master's Degree Course Content



MKC501 Theoretical Foundations of Cultural Studies: This coruse focus on the  development, expansion and diversification of the tradition of Cultural Studies. British Cultural Studies and its emphasized topics such as race, ethnicity, woman, television studies, etc.The spread of cultural studies in America and the Far East.Theoretical approaches developed in cultural studies: culture theory,gender studies, popular culture, political economy, critical social theory, youth studies, media studies, etc.

MKC503 Methods in Cultural Studies: Techniques that developing in cultural studies and forming its methodological bases: Discourse analysis, ideological analysis, news analysis techniques, coding and decoding studies developed by Stuart Hall, reception studies, text reducer methods and techniques, intertextual analysis techniques, semiotic analysis techniques etc.

MKC505 Communication and Culture in the History: The relationship between communication history and culture. Development of civilizations and developments in communication and communication tools in the process of formation of cultures. The effects of the development of communication and communication tools on cultural development. Associating the history of culture and communication with social development.
 MKC500 Critical Approach to Popular Culture: Popular culture concept, its place in cultural studies. Popular culture theories, different approaches to popular culture. Popular culture studies based on liberal theories. Popular culture studies in critical paradigm. Ideological dimension of popular culture. Popular culture as the ideological apparatus of the state. Popular culture and media relations. Analses about popular culture texts.
MKC502 Frankfurt School and Beyond: Frankfurt School as a critical thinking movement. Establishment and development. The format of the Frankfurt School around different aspects of critical thinking. Culture industry theory. Theory of alienation. Commodity fetishism. From critical paradigm to liberal paradigm. Positivist orientations within the American empirical tradition and Frankfurt critical thinking. With Habermas the new term in the school and today.
 MKC504 Media and Culture in Turkey: The development of media and cultural impact in Turkey. Written press and cultural reflections in the 19th century. Turkish newspapers and cultural transmission from the West. The period of agency journalism, news circulation and sociocultural functions. The development of radio and its cultural effects. The introduction of television and its effects on Turkey's cultural transformation. Today’s situation. 
 MKC601 Graduation Project: In this context, a non-thesis master student is preparing a research project within a period of time. Correct use of scientific method in a project, theoretical framework creation, scientific methodology and systematic preparation of a work.
 MKC506 Seminar: Methodological rules and principles that should be known in the process of report preparation, article writing, project or thesis preparation. 
 MKC505 British Cultural Studies: The origin and effects of the tradition of British Cultural Studies. The studies of the founding fathers. Stuart Hall and his work. Raymond Williams and his work. Richard Hoggart and his work. The period of evolution and decline of Cultural Studies.
 MKC507 Discourse Analysis: The birth and development of discourse analysis. First examples of discourse analysis. Discourse analysis in cultural studies. Media texts and discourse analysis.
 MKC509 Critical Economy Politics and Media: The birth and development of critical economic policy. Marx-Engels and critical political economy. Critical political economy in Capital. The Influences of critical economic policy on Frankfurt School's studies. The Cold War era, the evolution of new Marxist approaches and critical economic policy.
 MKC511 Frankfurt School and Critical Thinking: Establishment process of Frankfurt School. First founders and their opinions. Mass society and mass culture approaches. Culture industry concept and Media. Cultural commodification and replication with the possibilities of technique.
 MKC513 Ethcnic Culture Studies: Cultural studies and ethnicity. First ethnic studies in the West. Stuart Hall effect. Cold War era and ethnic studies. Neo-liberal politics and ethnicity. Postmodernism and ethnicity. 
 MKC515 Culture and Colonialism Studies: A brief look at the history of colonialism. Cultural reflections of colonialism. New colonialism and cultural studies. Cultural Studies School and colonialism studies.
 MKC517 Literature and Culture: Relationship between literature and culture. Raymond Williams's unifying view on literature and culture. Lee Lowenthal and literature sociology studies. Literature and culture studies at Frankfurt School.
 MKC519 Media, Women, Violence: Media and women studies on the basis of feminist theories, investigation of violent production on women in the mediaResearch studies to create sensitivity towards the cultivation of violence through media. An examination of gender discrimination based hate speech in the media.
 MKC521 Culture and Globalization: An examination of globalization in cultural studies. The impact of globalization on culture. Globalization and pop culture. Cultural industrial environment of the media and globalization.
 MKC523 The West's Middle East Politics and Media: Use of the media to create and disseminate Middle Eastern policiesUse of social media. Use of mediated cultural production and distribution processes.
 MKC525 Social Media and Culture: The impact of social media on culture production and dissemination. Popular culture production and distribution through social media. Distribution of western-based pop culture through social media. 
 MKC527 Cultural Studies in Turkey: The birth and development of cultural studies in Turkey. Literary departments and cultural studies. Academic units providing communication training and cultural studies. Philology departments and cultural studies.

MKC529 Popular Culture and Humor: Popular culture and humor relations. Popular culture production and dissemination through humor. Value production in society through popular humorous cultural texts. Popular humor and alienation. Popular humor and cultural imperialism. A critical review of popular humor. Use of popular humor for ideological and political purposes in Turkey.

MKC531 Communication Sociology: Sociological foundations and functions of communication. Mass media and social effects. The place of communication in the everyday life of the society. The function of mass media to transform the daily lives of communities. Mass media and entertainment functions. Mass media and social integration function.

MKC533 Culture Sociology: Cultural social dynamics. Culture and society relations. Cultural determinism on society. İmpact of society on the culture. Critical approaches to culture and society. Conservative approaches to culture and society. Primary culture theories and society. Elite culture theories and society.

MKC535 Visual Culture: Definition of the visual culture concept. Relationship between visual culture and visual art. Graphic arts and visual culture, visual culture and cultural studies. Media-mediated visual culture production and transmission. Visual aesthetics.

Media industry and visual culture.

MKC537 Psychological Dynamics of Cinema: Relationship between cinema and psychology. The use of psychological items in the production process of cinema. Psychological analysis on films. The psychological effects of films. Children's films and psychological effects.

MKC539 Cultural Studies and Cinema: Cinema studies trends in cultural studies

Film analysis and cultural studies. Analysis of ethnic, racial, gender and social class items in films. Formation of social and cultural representations in cinema. Television films.

MKC541 Television and Culture: Television and culture relations. Production and transmission of television-mediated cultures. Cultural production and presentation in television series. Television news and cultural reproduction. Television entertainment and cultural production, presentation and representation. Television-mediated culture imperialism.

MKC543 Media, Culture, Politics: Communication and politics relations, media and politics relations. Political production and presentation in the media. Political image studies and media. New era politics and the role of the media. A new acculturation process that using media as an instrument. Mediated diplomacy.

MKC545 Photography and Culture: Relationship between culture and photography. The place and importance of photographic images in cultural studies. Discourse analysis in photographic texts. Ideological analysis of photographic texts.

MKC547 Popular Culture Theories: Definition of popular culture. Different theories and approaches in popular culture. Critical culture theories, liberal culture theories. Economy, political and popular culture. Media and popular culture. Representation of gender in popular culture texts. Popular culture and social class representations.


MKC506 Cultural Studies in America: The birth and development of cultural studies in America. Critical view on cultural studies. Withdrawing cultural studies in liberal understanding background. The development of cultural studies in Canada.
MKC508 Cultural Studies in Third World Countries: Development of cultural studies in Third World countries. Middle Eastern studies and cultural studies. Middle Eastern Studies programs in Western universities and cultural studies. Orientalist studies and cultural studies.
 MKC510 Modernism and Postmodernism: The birth and development of Modernist and Postmodernist approaches. Related to the tradition of cultural studies. The place and effect of modernism and postmodernism in communication researches.
 MKC512 New Colonialism, Media and Culture: The cultural dynamics of neo-colonialism.

The influence of the media in new colonialism. The cultural production environment of media and new colonialism.

MKC514 Semiotics: The birth and development of semiology. Different approaches in semiotics. The effects of structuralist approaches in semiology. Relation to poststructuralist approaches and semiology. Formal approaches in semiotics. The use of semiotics in cultural research.


MKC516 Critical Film Analysis: An overview of the history of film work. Film studies in Western countries. film studies in Turkey. Use of critical analysis techniques in film analysis.
 MKC518 Construction of Power in Media Texts: Construction of power in media texts. Analysis of power codes in media texts. Application of the ideological analysis in media texts. 
The use of discourse analysis technique in media texts. Media texts and social power. Media texts and gender construction of power over their identity. Media texts and construction of social class power.

MKC520 Text analysis: Analysis techniques in text analysis Content analysis. Interpretivist analysis. Thematic analysis. Discourse analysis. Ideological analysis.

 MKC522 Ideological Analysis Method: The use of ideological analysis method. Examples of ideological analysis. Ideological analysis on media texts. Ideological analysis on popular culture texts. Ideological analysis and gender studies.
 MKC524 Critical Media Studies: Critical approaches to media studies. Critical society theory. Critical culture studies. Critical economic political studies. Critical view on globalization. Alternative media phenomenon. Creating and managing consent. Ideology and ideological devices of the state.
 MKC526 Critical Overview of New Media: An overview of new media studies. The negative function of the new media on society. Construction and re-construction of power through new media. Distribution and placement of popular culture in the new media environment.
 MKC528 Critical News Analysis: Studies on the analysis of news texts. Vandick's approach to news analysis. News discourse. Analysis of the power discourse and dissident discourse in news texts. 
 MKC530 Cultural Reflection of Politics: Transformational effects of political processes on culture throughout human history. The effect on the formation of the culture of politics. Analysis of political codes in cultural texts. Political culture concept.
 MKC532 Environmentalist Approaches and Cultural Studies: Environmentalist approaches in cultural studies. Environmentalist approaches in cultural studies. Cultural studies of environmentalist movements in 1960s and 70s Europe. Today's culture studies and environmentalist movements.
 MKC534 Everyday Life Reviews: Everyday life and culture. The popular culture of everyday life. Daily life studies in cultural studies.
 MKC536 Cultural Dynamics of Art: Art and culture relationship. The parallel development of art and culture from primitive life to present. Visual arts and image culture. Visual arts and image society. Art and power relations. Relationship between artistic pleasure and personal development. Art and society relations.
MKC538 Cultural Basis of Political Communication: Relationship between political communication and political cultureCultural bases of political communication. Political communication and society. Political communication in traditional culture. Modernization period, cultural modernization and politics. Postmodern culture of postmodern politics.
 MKC540 Middle East, Migration and Culture: New trends in Middle East studies. East and Middle East studies and post colonialism. Relationship between East and West in the context of immigration. Turkey, European countries and the phenomenon of migration. Refugee movement and refugee culture.
 MKC542 Everyday Life in Turkish Cinema: Examination of items related to the daily life of Turkish cinema. Yeşilçam cinema and everyday life. Rural to urban migration, urbanization and Yeşilçam themes rendered in cinema. Evolution of everyday life and reflection on cinema.
 MKC544 Culture in Photography: The relationship between photography and culture. Decoding of culture in photographic texts. Reality in photographic texts. Photography in various art theories. Techniques of analyzing photographic texts.