Clinical Psychology Master's Degree About

Establishment law of Uskudar University,has been posted on the Gazette by the name of T.C. USKUDAR UNIVERSITY on 03.11.2011.The University has been established  for the product an information,protect and academic production  that groundbreaking on the world standarts, by specializing in behavioral health,for that production improving  resource, enhancing cooperation and train qualified people.

We provide that practicing in hospital environment and let to be equipped to in the field for our students.Our Education Team to be consist of doctors and psychiatrist of NP Group.

**Decisions taken by our institute;Only  graduated from Psychology, Psychological Counseling and Guidance and Medical Faculty can apply to Clinical Psychology Master Programme.


In this case,The Programme goals to educate the experts that Equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for clinical psychologist.

Further with an expression,the person who graduare this programme and has clinical psychology certificate,has a knowledge that stated below:

  • Psychotherapy relationship and interviewing skills.
  • Professional ethics.
  • Psychopathological Assessment
  • Psychological assessments (tests): Cognitive and personality dimensions.
  • Psychotherapy (psychoanalytic / psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic and group)
  • Research Methods
  • In terms of clinical skills;Students has been trained practical that under intensive supervision , in the field of psychotherapy and psychological assessment.

    Furthermore in The Programme goals to students can conduct scientific research and provideto  scientific products their Master’s Thesis and projects.

    Hardware will be available in the program,  will provide the appropriate infrastructure for students who may want to get a PhD in clinical psychology.


    Diagnosing and correcting the problems observed in emotion and behavior, contribute to the understanding of cultural pathology assessed from the perspective of our country, be reflected in the practical field theory in the sense of eclectic, Integrating research in psychology and neuroscience practice facility are our departments aims.