Medical Documentation and Secretarial - Academic Staff


Dr.Öğr. Üyesi: 1Lect.: 6
Serdar KARAGÖZ Serdar KARAGÖZ, (Part time) CV
Human Resources Director / Instructor / SATUMER Manager
Born in Amasya. He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Health Management with a faculty first degree. After completing the Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Institutions Management at Marmara University, he receiv ... [ More. » ]
Serdar KARAGÖZ / (0216) 400 22 22 - internal : 2270
Barış Önen ÜNSALVER Barış Önen ÜNSALVER , MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
FHSS / Psychology /VSHS/ Medical Documentation and Secretarial
She was born in 1977 in İstanbul. She graduated from Kadikoy Anatolian High School in 1995. She graduated from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul university in 2001 and she became a psychiatrist in 2006 at the same university. She worked as a ... [ More. » ]
Barış Önen ÜNSALVER / (0216) 418 15 00
Erdoğan MERT Erdoğan MERT, (Part time) CV
Born in Kastamonu, 1970. He graduated from Beyoglu Cihangir Elementary School, Beyoğlu Hazelnut High School Medium and Kabataş Commerce Lisesi respectively and started his undergraduate education in DEU, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Scienc ... [ More. » ]
Erdoğan MERT / (0216) 400 22 22
Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU, MD (Part time) CV
VSHS / Management of Health Institutions
Born in 1969. In 1992, he completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Cumhuriyet University, and his PhD on Internal Medicine at Cumhuriyet University in 1997. In 2006, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Co ... [ More. » ]
Mehmet Lütfi HOCAOĞLU / (0216) 400 22 22
Murat EREN Murat EREN, (Part time)  
Murat EREN was born in 1976 in İstanbul. After kabataş erkek high school , Yildiz Technical University, Department of electrical engineering graduated from 2001. He graduated from Marmara University Hospital Management master graduate program in 2012 ... [ More. » ]
Murat EREN / (0216) 400 2222
Nazende Ceren ÖKSÜZ Nazende Ceren ÖKSÜZ, (Part time)  
Born in İstanbul, 1985. In 2008, she completed Okan University, Department of Psychology with the title of “Honor Student”. She worked voluntarily in various non-governmental organizations such as Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) and T ... [ More. » ]
Nazende Ceren ÖKSÜZ / (0216) 6330633
Tarık PALANCI Tarık PALANCI , (Part time)  
Born in Gümüşhane, 1989.  After graduating from Public Relations and Publicity Department of Communication Faculty of Marmara University in 2012, he completed his education at Anadolu University International Relations Department. He is still st ... [ More. » ]
Tarık PALANCI / (0216) 400 2222