Aged Care Services - About

Geriatric (elderly) care technician program in the world and in our country, medicine, the development of technology, provided individuals to become more conscious about their health and life expectancy increased.

As in many countries, young people in our country, as well as the increase in the elderly population. The growing elderly population, has revealed many problems to be solved.

Increasingly, the traditional structure degradation, nuclear family return, the elderly revealed that the problem of being alone.

Physiological and psychological changes caused by aging and the elderly, have made it difficult to remain in homestay, maintenance requirements, increased life expectancy and the elderly, care needs to be increased, the elements of practical dimensions of professional care services has created the need to carry out one to one.

Therefore, the main purpose of the program, students benefit from the program, elderly care services necessary knowledge, skills and values Integrates and assimilating the public domain, private and civil society organizations, aged care service, health care practitioners and technicians is to ensure that a competent developer qualifications.

Elder Care Services Program, training principles and requirements of elderly people to know the basic features and the ability to meet the needs of the elderly in this direction, but also the ability to approach the elderly are integrated.

Applications in the hospital, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and elderly care, elderly day centers, home care agencies are serving.

Objective of the program, which can perform elderly care needs, preparing and providing the necessary environment, improve the quality of life of older people and contributing to the development of health standards, implementing and improving qualifications aged care services, solutions and analytical thinking skills, team work and a sense of responsibility have to train professionals.

Program graduates who have completed the diploma, hospice, and elder care services, Social Services and Child Protection Agency carried out, Municipalities, Hospitals, Non-Governmental Organizations and Private Bodies and work under the supervision of an expert on the relevant units.

Associate Degree in Vocational Schools and Open Education Graduates Graduates are also the continuation of studies in the areas of use of the provisions of the Regulation on vertical transmission if the quota is opened Exam (DGS) and gain the right to enroll in undergraduate programs.

The old stay is optional, not mandatory.

“Love is not only a physiological problem. Our self irademizle not to be dismissed. Young people want to stay loyal, can not stay the elderly want to infidelity, they will not. To mention just about to say that. ”

Oscar Wilde