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Rate Type: YGS-2 Optional English Preparatory

Oral and Dental Health Program, in dental clinics, dental clinics of dentists in hospitals as an assistant to help him in the dentist’s technical staff all work will grow.

Oral and Dental Health Technician Program The purpose of the public and private sector preferred reputable, qualified, contemporary and dental health in the field of international information reached the level of our country’s technical staff to meet the need is to educate students.

Development of health services and access to these services within the health care system in parallel to the dissemination of the study area is expanding day by day.

Oral and Dental Health Program, students founded on the basic principles of oral and dental health, practice management offers an education that will enable such issues as sovereignty. For two years the students with theoretical and practical knowledge acquired, oral and dental health clinic services, dental practitioners will be able to work as helpful and supportive technical staff.

The graduates of this section, an individual not having the opportunity to work in dental clinics, hospitals...

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