Merchant Seaman’s Health - About

Turkey has its trade routes, which are covered by sea and covered by geographical boundaries, such as the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, both of which are very important in terms of regional and global significance. In addition, the large export potential existing in our country increases the importance of maritime and maritime occupational groups to the sea by the fact that a significant part of these export steps are taken by sea transportation. In the light of this information, there is a need for personnel equipped with equipment operating on the ships, extraordinary situations on board, technical issues and basic maritime issues. Being a ship worker; Long trips and the lack of a connection with the land during these journeys require different features and equipment. Students who will graduate from Maritime Health program; They will have the necessary information and technical equipment as essential information, such as Basic Maritime Training and Safety at Sea. Graduated students will also receive First Aid Training at a level that will intervene in emergency situations that may be present on the ship, and will have health equipment at the level to assist Physicians in medical situations. In this way, we will meet the needs of the well-equipped personnel from the basic needs of the maritime industry and the quality of the employees of the maritime sector in our country will be moved to the upper levels.
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