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Üsküdar University’s 2. TEDx Conference!

Üsküdar University continues to host TEDx, which is one of the most important ideas and discussion…

Harvard and Yale’s “Positive Psychology” class is taught at Üsküdar University

Positive Psychology, known as “Science of Happiness” aims to advance personal skills such…

The faculty member of Üsküdar University is distinguished as the youngest successful scientist of the year

Associate Professor Hüseyin Ozan Tekin, the faculty member of Üsküdar University Vocational…

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Vocational School of Health Services (SHMYO)

It aims to train health personnel in accordance with the needs of our country. These staff will provide sound quality health care service between physician and patient. For this purpose, the quality of the education offered to our students also allows for the vertical transition of our students to the Faculty of Health Sciences.

We are aware that the quality of health services is closely related to the quality of the health personnel. In such a case, the community will be able to receive great quality in health care. This issue has become more prominent over the ten years of progress in our country’s health sector with progress and achievements. It is imperative to educate the staff who can use new technological developments and who have good communication with the patient.

Vocational School of Health Services’ Graduates

We receive feedback about how our services provided by the hospitals in our institutions are satisfactory, where health services are provided. We are delighted for this. This is very crucial for our school’s and students’ future.

Vocational School of Health Sciences and Applications

Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Sciences, aside from qualified theoretical education, benefit from their laboratories as well as the Faculty of Health Sciences’ laboratories, where are situated in the same building. In addition, same benefits are obtained from NP Brain Hospital and Medical Center that operate within the body of Üsküdar University, and some University Hospitals and Public Education and Research Hospitals in Istanbul.