Occupational Therapy About

Ergotherapy is a field of health which provides reinstation of the self integrity and social adaptation for those who are disabled,  street children, drug addicted people, who are ostracised and can not patrticipate the daily life directly in a physical or mental side. Ergotherapy aims those people let to participate in the daily activities and be succesful in those activities without any assistance through developing their potential abilities.

Ergotherapy aims to convert the passive, deprived person into active and free person in the basis of production by using occupational techniques and considering the facilities of the center of the social life. Ergotherapist starts this procedure by reproviding physical integration.  It provides adaptation for the one who has increased potential of physical movement in the daily activities according to the criteria of person’s own resources. In continuum ergotherapist lets a person to discover himself spiritually in the basis of person’s abiltiy and interests. In this procedure, it uses the language of art as an alternative communication tool. It obtains a person to be active through the language of art in the consequence of person’s productivity and having job in a social life.

Ergotherapists get education about the necessary abilities, behaviors and knowledge which consist of medical, occupational, social, behavioral, psychological, and psychosocial sciences in order to collaborate with the individuals, groups, or communities.

Ergotherapy undergraduate program offers an education which gives chance to rule over about the concepts and theorems in the basis of the fundamental principles of ergotherapy. Syllabus is designed to perform theories and practice information in the fields of education and career for students. The aim of programme is to bring up ergotherapists who has the clinical skills about ergotherapy, facilities of researcher, manager, the knowledge about ergotherapy, rehabilitation, and medicine which lets individuals to be free in each stage of life.

Graduates are called as “Ergotherapist” or “Occupational therapist”.


Graduates of ergotherapy programme(BA) who can work at the center of geiatry, center of social acitivies, center of public health, center of occupational health and center of rehabilitation, center of special training or, offices / private houses of patients

Moreover, graduates can be specialized in different fields of rehabilitation by working with children who are mental / physical retarded. Graduates who want to continue to work in an academic manner have the possibility of continuing master degree(MA) in their country or abroad.