Nutrition and Dietetics About


Nutrition has a vital importance on human health. Food, nutrition methods and regimens, the amount of food intake, type and frequency, the regulation of public eating places, issues such as the regulation of outpatient and inpatient feeding of patients in the study area of nutrition and dietetics, which is a professional working area. Members of proffesion contributes improvement of the community’s health status the protection and improvement of health and treatment of diseases. The importance of dieticians is increasing day by day because the health problems that caused by inadequate and unbalanced diet like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, digestive system problems, cancer can be protective and reducing the effects of diseases by diet.

The purpose of Nutrition and Dietetics; determining the needs of the community in nutrition and diet field and proposing solutions for the creation of social awareness of elimination and nutrition, preparing diet for the treatment of diseases, translating scientific data into practical dietary recommendations, individual proposing identify patients and healthy people of the feeding frequency and manner, in public eating places that conform to health in terms of nutrition, it is to train professionals with the professional and ethical values . The graduates of this section ‘ Dietitian ‘ title is given.

Basic sciences and profession-specific courses with experimental laboratory practices and lessons requiring skills in the 4-year curriculum of the Nutrition and Dietetics Department is located. Nutritional Principles, Basic Chemistry , Basic Psychology , Anatomy, next course will provide scientific basis to students as Medical Biology and Genetics , especially the 3rd and 4th grade in Nutritional Biochemistry , Nutrition Ecology, nutrient – nutrient interactions and Food Processing Methods , Nutrition for cancer patients , elderly nutrition, courses aimed at professions like nutrition in pregnancy.

The counting of the public health, obesity and diabetes are among the most threatening problems in recent years by the time it has been recognized the need for a dietitian. In our country there are a lot of jobs in public institutions and private health institutions. Graduates of all health institutions ( public and private hospitals, universities), community health centers, food industry, catering systems ( food factories, hotel food and beverage departments, all private and public organizations made public nutrition ) to find work in such places. Due to reach a large proportion of the research and academic career in the field of food and nutrition issues are advantages in this area. Food production facility managers have an important career field.