Nursing About

Advances in science and health induce development and changes that affects human and human health. Professional nurses that are interested in changes and developments are needed to serve people that are healthy or ill by considering all. Nurses, are health care professionals who contribute the development and the protection of healthy patients, family and public health, assessment of health care needs, in accordance with professional standarts..Nursing Department is a branching out occupation that aims protection of healthy / sick individuals, public and family health, planning and evaluation of nursing care. It is also a health discipline that covers art and science. The objective of the Nursing Department is to train nurses who are the effective members of health team, active at nursing education, research, and administration..Professional nurses are also expected to work in accordance with ethics. Department program consists of theoretical and practical courses that cover fundamental medical sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences and nursing sciences. Graduates have opportunity to provide nursing care for employment areas private or publicly owned in terms of the protective, curative and rehabilitative health services.